Our Mission

It is the mission of Honest Errands, LLC to provide honest, trustworthy, professional, and reliable services to busy individuals, families, and businesses who could use our assistance to help maintain their daily to-do lists, tasks, and errands. 

Our Values

Family owned and operated, we put a lot of value in moments spent together. We strive to be present in life and count our blessings. We hope to help others find more time for the things they value the most. 

Our Vision

To create a better everyday life for our community. Our services offer the gift of time and encourage a stress-free lifestyle!

Who Are We

Husband and wife founders, Shane and Jena, have been a team since they met managing retail in 2008. They have built a strong foundation based on faith and family. Now, parents of two little girls, they want to continue to build on that for their children. They know the importance of each little moment and want to share the wealth of time with their community.

Jena has a background in management, property administration, and finance. She has professional mannerisms and plenty of experience running company errands before starting their services.

Shane has an extensive background in home improvement retail management and was a licensed realtor in the state of Arizona. Customer service has been his driving force and he has a passion to help and serve others.

As a unit, they have always known they wanted to own a company that could help others and does something positive for people. They are dedicated to helping you find the time for what matters most to you.

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